Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well today is rainy and gloomy. And I feel just that! Just found another idea for Christmas gifts. I go between yah and oh well. Everyday goes just like the other and I haven't started a blasted thing. I get what I need to get done but nothing for Christmas. I'm not sure a promise note will do. I know I will feel better when I can get started but mdh doesn't like anything in his way and with a small house that is impossible. I have started telling him that this year I want the Christmas tree up, and he looks at the table by his chair(that is where the tree needs to go, the only place it fits) and he would have to give up putting his things on the table. May I say it went over like a lead balloon. I have to ask, is it worth the struggle with him or just give up again and not feel like Christmas again. Time will tell.
I feel like we are going back to "The Little House on the Praire", all homemade things, I dearly love it when I get such special things, but I feel bad when I think that my family will only get homemade things. Wonder why I feel that way. Maybe , it is because I really don't do things very well. I just tell them, it is the thought that counts. Now that I see that statement, it sound very shallow. I think I will start to make bread this afternoon, that will make me feel better, just the smell will up my spirit. Hug your dear ones and hold them close, there is nothing that can make you feel great. love m

Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, winter came a bit early, Ug! I was praying for a long fall a short winter and a long spring with a short summer. They say becarefull what you wish for it could come true. Sure glad I'm not in charge of it all!
For some reason our OES dog is shedding, she didn't shed before and now it is coming out is clumps. She doesn't have anything wrong with her but I guess the puppy fuz is now falling out , sure does look funny.
I have pictures to put on here but I just found out Christmas is just about 70 days away and since I'm making the gifts , I better get with the program so I don't go crazy at the last min. Just love RL pictures, but couldn't leave her a message, not sure why. I hope the beauty of the season makes your heart sing.