Monday, April 19, 2010

Yah for spring!

Well, I have my garden planted(almost) Some of it is already up. I'm taking a chance in planting early, but it takes so long before you can harvest it, I didn't want to wait. I still have extra seeds just in case we have a late snow,freeze. Just praying it stays spring and warms up gradually.

Bailey just loves to check out what I do...she loves to eat dirt and roots. Not pretty!
I think we are going to have her shaved. Don't want to but it would be easier to groom. I will check to see she doesn't looks bald. I just love her face with all that hair, she looks like a monkey with the hair away from her eyes. Oh well it will grow back. Ug!

The trees have been unbeleaveable. The blooms are twice the size I remember from last year. Sure hope we have a lot of peaches this year.

I'm ready for bed and it is only 6:30. Is it spring fever? For some reason I just can't get around and get things done. I guess I will think about it tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A big sigh

Well, Bailey and I are here by ourselves. The house just let out a big sigh. No kids, no fun!

I'm not sure about the girls but this week was flat out fun! It is so nice to have grandchildren come to visit. I'm never ready to have them go home but so glad that my children share with me.

Bailey is in depression and just looking at her I'm getting there too.

Sure enjoy the laughter, noise, running , jumping ect. I took their pictures by out peach tree, the flowers on it this year is unbelievable. Someone else said that their tree blooms are better this year. Sure hope that mean that we will have some peaches this year.

Planted some garden and the radishes are already coming up. Can't wait to plant the rest. I plan to plant watermelon, canalop. and anything I can get to grow. I think this year might be a good year for a garden.

My dh will be here soon. He did the soccor watching today. He walked a lot. I told him it was good for him and he said it wasn't either cause his back hurt and I'm sure his legs will be hurting tomorrow. He is supposed to walk 30 min. a day. I can't talk him into getting past the hurt, and doing more. The days will get warmer and maybe Bailey and I can get him to walk with us.

This week will very quiet for me. UG. I really need to do some spring cleaning and I wish I could take out everything and start from the beginning. It is so hard to clean when you have a small house and lots of things in it. I can remember my mom would clean out drawers and do spring and fall cleaning. I would come home and there would be a big pile of stuff that she would carry out. Maybe I can get motivated to do some of it. Or not. This winter seems to have had more dust than I remember last year. Not sure why but I don't like it.

My dh uncovered the air conditioner, I told him we couldn't turn it on till June. Wonder if that will happen?

Friday, April 2, 2010

just like a kid

Yesterday Bailey wanted to go outside, so away we went. I let her loose to do her job, she went around the yard then came back to me. She sat by me and looked up to get some loving so of course I loved on her. I said Bailey didn't you have to potty? She got up like she was ready to go in, I grabed the leash and she went the other way. She walked me around her favorite spots. First to the fence to check on the neighbor kids just in case they were there, they weren't. So she took me around the swings, then the took of and did her job.

I guess she just wanted to share with me her favorite spots.
She made me feel very special. I know it sounds strange but she acted just like a child would when they want to show you something special.

She is so loving, and seems to know when I need a hug.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


When did good common sense go out of style. We are soon going to be voting on putting in a new hospital. I have listened to them and their speach is full of holes. They said we have over 8,000 people in Pratt...we really have about 6. Which would make a big difference in their ability to collect sales tax. They are trying to convence everyone they need a new one when the one we have is ok. We don't have enough people to fill it anyway. They have floors that no one is on...they have built on when they didn't need to, those suites are mostly empty. They add a 1 percent tax..we already have a 7plus tax, that would bring it up to 8 plus. The city comm.want to put in a new road(to put 250,000homes on it and they will give them a break to build there) that would put it at 9 plus, then there is the gov. that want to raise taxes...we could be looking at a 10 percent sales tax. Who can afford to buy here or live here.

When did pay as you go go? Also, if we don't get enough sales tax money to pay for it they will tax our homes. I don't see how they can get away with it.

If I could buy land far away from anyone, I would be self suffent and there would be nothing they could do.

We need to take back America. And we have to start at the root of the problem.

I just had my taxes done...we got to talking and I of course got on my band box and gave him my opinion. He thanked me for giving him another view of things...sure hope he remembers that veiw when he votes.

I can feel the anger that is all over our great country. If they don't start listening it is only going to get worse. Then what?

I can see it coming, the whole country flat broke, no where to go, live, and having to live like my folks did. Of course that wouldn't be so bad...I remember what to do with nothing, and growing what we need to eat. Gosh, I think I'm doing that now. HAHA

I really do need a girls day out.....