Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm back

It's been a cold, dark and wet day. I'm so glad that it's not freezing.

To warm the house I made pumpkin bread, the house smells like Christmas. It's like giving yourself a big hug.

Days like this makes it hard on Bailey. She likes to go around the yard and smell everything to see if there is anything new. I'm standing in the rain, yelling at her to hurry and she is trying but for some reason she doesn't hurry very much. She knows she has to go into the kennel to dry off and she goes in without me saying anything. If I forget her she starts to move around to get my attention, she is so patient with me. She seems to know when I need a hug, she get up on me and lets me love her till she is done(or I am) She gets up on dh, he has a big chair and she gets up and lays her whole body, he tries to watch t.v. and breath. She is never ready to get down, she actually sleeps on him. She now weights about 70 lbs. now so you can get the picture of her taking over my dh. He keeps saying , "why do you think she does this?" I just tell him "because you let her"? He is such a push over when it comes to her!

I'm again running late on getting Christmas done. I've really been trying but my creative side of me seems to be on the blink. Again this year they may get a promise to get their gift at a later date. UG

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, can't wait for the turkey and orange salad. I would be happy if only those two were served! Thanksgiving seems to be more relaxed than at Christmas. I think I'm the only person that likes Christmas music, stores displaying all the Christmas things before Thanksgiving. We're supposed to keep Christmas all year . I like to spread it out as long as possible. We need more people forgetting where they are and start to sing with the Christmas songs. Actually it's for myself that I want that, I don't want to be the only one singing.

Time to taste the pumpkin bread. I put cranberries in it, I love cranberries!!!!!!! Hope dh likes them also.

Keep your umbrella turned upside down so you can catch all your blessings.