Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm always excited when it gets time to plant veg. and flowers. Planting them and praying my hard work will pay off.
Then the first peeks through and the waiting game begins.
The watering in hot weather, sweating, and fertilizing it.
They were growing slow...I did plant early..I hate to wait for the weather to turn hot.
But then the hot weather began and it took off.
I planted watermelon and cantaloupe(even though I have never had good luck with growing them.) They didn't come up so I planted the plants. Also, I forgot where I planted them so I just guessed and planted more.
Well, seeds started I don't know if I have watermelon or cantaloupe growing in separate places or all together. They are started to vine out. Oh, the surprise of gardening!
The cucumbers, and the other vining veg. are starting to vine out and has blooms on them. Yah? The tomatoes and peppers have babies on them. They are so cute.
The blackberries that we planted are growing oh so slowly. Only one isn't growing. I will send it back for a new one. It sounded like we might have berries the first year. Can't wait!

Only a few weeks and it will be the 4th of July. I wait the whole year for the fun to begin. And always pray for the safety and fun to be had by everyone. Of course just having everyone here is the best gift they could give us.
We have all started looking and thinking of what food to have. So fortunate that the girls and Ron pitch in with all their ideas. It sure makes it fun for me.
It sure would be nice to go to the garden to get the food we need to eat!

We plan to put up the pool next rain please!
Sure would be nice to have the kids in June but not sure if that will happen.

The peach trees that were so beautiful this spring with their huge flowers are loaded with fruit. Some peaches fall off with each rain or wind. But there are so many peaches we have to take them off so they don't break the branches. That just kills me...I know it has to be done but I sure want peaches in the fall.

I will tell everyone that planting your veg. in potting soil really works!!!!!!!!! No weeding and no plowing up the ground. When all the veg. are done for the season, we will just turn them over and add to the dirt. Or maybe leave them till next year...not sure yet. Now sure why we can't use them again next year..I will have to investigate that one.