Monday, March 2, 2009

fun, fun, and ouch

I think every mom has watch as kids get a gift and then play with the box. Well , this weekend they discovered the new dog carrier. It is all open (metal) and large enough for them to get in. They took pillows, two kids, or one kid and the dog. I have pictures of them having fun being in the pin. They played for hours, not sure if I should put the pictures on the blog, I can see someone looking at them and saying that is child abuse. My family will appreciate it but not sure of strangers.
I felt so sorry for my 4th grandchild , she hit her toe and it reall hurt. I told her I had do the same thing and it hurt so bad , I almost wet myself. It didn't help her pain though. I am waiting to see if it is broken or not. Ug, I work so hard to keep them safe , then something jumps out and gets a toe, ok it didn't jump out, but sure hate to have them hurt.
If my helper comes over to show me how to put pictures on my blog(again) I have some really good ones(for me).
Wishing you blessings and love and laughter.

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chillywilly said...

Yes you helper will come over and help