Monday, February 22, 2010

Is it spring yet.

I keep saying "spring is just a day closer" but everytime I say it we get more snow. I think I will not say it again. Can't wait to start my pot garden (that sounds kind of bad) I have large pots that I plant in. I found out where to get the spinach that like hot temp. Yah, I can eat it all summer.
Haven't gone outside for a couple of days. And I have no plans to do it anytime soon. I'm trying to convince Bailey she doesn't have to eat or drink until dh comes home. So far she has slept a good part of the morning. She seems to know how I feel and doesn't bug me like she does dh. She knows I don't go out to sit and get cold. Right now I'm cold and I haven't even opened the doors.
Good grief it is almose noon....and I haven't done anything except the laundry. Sure feel like a nap. But I'm so cold that to try to nap would be very hard.
Found the saying the other day and liked it.
Self-disciplin is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don't talk back.

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