Tuesday, January 26, 2010

should I laugh or cry

This weekend I fixed bbq wings for my hubby. I really don't like them but for lack of anything else to eat ,I had two wings. Hate the mess and almost no meat. Plus all the work for very little. Well , as I was getting messy and thinking it was just to much mess, it hit me. When I was a little girl and on the farm. My mom would fry up chicken (first she had to chase it and kill it, but that is another story) we would start out getting the wings to eat. As we grew up, we worked up to the drum stick and then the thigh. We never got to go up further than that because the adults would eat them. So at last, I have started working backwords again. Can you believe that hot wings are the thing to eat now. And you pay big buck for the wings that have no meat and little kids get stuck eating them. Ug, that is probably why I don't like anything but the white meat(the breast). My hubby doesn't understand why I don't love the bbq wings.....I guess you had to be there to understand.

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