Thursday, September 18, 2008

looking forward

Wow, another great day. One day closer to Christmas, Ha!

I get to go watch my grandson play football!!!!! Where did all the time go? It just seems like yesterday that he was small enough to sit on my lap. Now he is taller than I am. I have tried to look at things a little more positive. I was looking at it that I really hated to have my grandchildren grow out of the "I am better than peanut butter" ( that is they thought I was better than peanut butter) Now it is harder to get time for them to visit, they are so busy with their lives. I wouldn't have it any other way, they are all such a blessing. Now , I am forcing myself to think how lucky I am to have had them so close to me. My oldest granddaughter told my a few years ago that she was going to do what her mom had done. When I asked what that was , she said, I am going to have my children come and stay with you. What a great thing to say. They better hurry, my sister is on her great,great grandchild. Ok, I know it is not a race.

My daughter just called to ask me to go to lunch with her. We live in the same town , but we have to make a date to see each other. I do tind to stay inside a lot, a big day for me is going to walmart.

Our neighbors father is suffering from cancer. I came back with a bang. He is not sure how much longer he will be with them. So, if you would like to pray for him his name is Charles, and please pray for his family too.

I pray your day is blessed with friends , family and laughter. Char

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