Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wed. morn

To all who read my blog(book)last time, I will try not to do that again. The word is try.

I have been thinking of my parents lately. Last nite, don't know why, I started thinking of being on the farm and bugging my dad to go milk the cows. My dad didn't believe females should be out where the men did their work. We were to be in the house where the women were. So , I guess, that made what he did look all the better. The barn was really old, full of, (well you know) and a 1 10 watt bulb to lite the milking stalls. He did let me go and milk the cows a few times. He would put me at the last cow(the one that had kickers on and a sore bag) I would be there scared to death. Remember , I was little and the cow was BIG, and I would not let my dad know that I was scared. He would milk all the cows(about 15 I think) and then have to come and finish off my cow. I always wondered if he did that on purpose so I wouldn't want to go out again. I finally ask him just before he died if he had done that , he looked at me strange(like I had been smoking something)and said no. My dad was a straight shooter. I mean , if he gave his word that was his bond. He was the strong silent type. He had a great laugh and could tell a story on about anything. You just had to look at the twinkle in his eye to know if he was leading you on. The last thing he said (to grandpa Floyd) was, "Have I got a story for you". I guess Heavenly Father got to hear it. Sure glad He has a sense of humor.

I'm getting ready for the 4 younger grandbabies(there not babies anymore, but I'm having trouble letting them grow up) I think they will be the last grandbabies and I'm holding on tight! Of course, I always pray for miracles, Heavenly Father has his hand on everything and I'm not getting rid of the baby crib that all my grandbabies have used. I know just what they like to have to eat while they are here so I stock up. I don't think it is going to work out for them to swim while they're here. They will probably try, I will load them up on juice and pray they don't get sick. The house comes to life when they are here. What fun.

This is the first visit that Cleo won't be here. I will be hard I think. The little one still talks about her cat that has been gone for years. How precious she is.

The weather is still cool(cold) in the morning and I am fighting myself so I don't bake something. I will just eat it. UG I usually just bake and send it to my husbands work, that way I don't have it around calling my name.

I pray you have to put your umbrella upside down to catch all your blessings! Char

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chillywilly said...

you seriously need to stop with the memories.
I remember his last visit. Renita and I were watching Mary Poppins (the scene with the peguins) he was so worried that the peguins would get hit in the head by Dick Van Dykes character.
He was a hoot.