Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday morn.

Ok, one more time, and I give up on this blog. I just spent a lot of time putting my thoughts on
the blog and it is in outer space somewhere. Maybe it to much for me to think about. Ug!

Monday morn. isn't my most fun time. That is when I have to pay bills,UG!!!!!!!!!!!!
But as I put out the bills to be mailed, I saw for the first time what the weather was. My husband took the car so I figured out that it would be raining sometime today, but it is just overcast and cool. People usually think of a day like this is a downer. But, not me, it just makes me want to bake. You see, on cold days when I used to live at home on the farm, my mom would always bake on days like this. It wasn't until I was older I understood why she did that. We lived on a farm and were very poor. She baked on cold days not just so we could have something to eat but also to keep us warm. Smart lady, my mom was very talented! I don't think I ever saw her try something that she didn't do very well. She made wedding cakes(without air condition), painted(I'm so lucky that I have some of her pictured on my walls) she could make her home look like a house out of a book by going to garage sales and watching for someone to move and buy what they didn't want. She also would sew all our cloths. I still have a dress from high school. I have loaned it to my nieces to wear and it now waits for my granddaughter to wear or possibly laugh at the thought of wearing it. She was a typical farm wife , had a large garden, had chickens and cows. My dad would milk the cows and she would do the rest. She would can all the food we would use for the year. We grew up without running water or a bathroom in the house. I don't remember things as being bad, we always had food to eat and a safe place to sleep. My mother would spend all day washing our cloths. Now, it was not like it is now for kids. We got a new dress at the start of the school year and another at Easter. My mom was a Great seamstress! So we had to keep out cloths in good repair and be grateful for what we had. There was no time given to plan what you would wear for the day, like the kids today do. There was one closet for four girls and my parents. So we didn't spend time trying to figure out what to wear. If you just have eight outfits all you do is make sure you had one in the closet to wear on cloths washing day. She did this in the wash house, still no running water. She had to pack the water in and then heat the water herself. She did this in different ways depending on what year it was and something else would come out to help women with the wash. I remember she had one thing that she would plug in and then drop into the water, that was supposed to heat the water,we were told not to go near the washing machine or we could get electrocuted. I guess it worked , I was young at the time. Praise the Lord thing are different for me and my family! My job was to take in all the cloths when I would get home from school. There would bet several lines of cloths that included the linens and bedding. I always thought I was being picked on because I had two older sisters(5and 6 years older) I never thought of all the work my mom had done all day just to get them washed and dried. I sure hope I thanked her for all she did for all of us before she died. I just hope my children and grandchildren remember back to their childhood with great memories. We knew how to play without toys, on a farm it is a lot easier to create a place to play in.

I have been looking on the Internet for Old English Sheepdogs. I found a family in another state who will have puppies by Christmas. ( I posted the oes that I had a long time ago on this blog.) I have been thinking of getting another since our dog Cleo went to play in Heaven. Looking for another dog has helped since Cleo passing. I know that you can never replace a dog that you have lost but looking to an oes has helped me through my sadness. But alas, things don't always work out like we want them. She is saving me a female but it looks like this is not to be. So , I guess I'm back to square one(or probably minus one) I know it is just a dog, but I have always wanted one since Olivia.

Now, I have learned by now in my marriage to not say what I would like. My husband will try to get me this. You see we had goats when my children were home, and have always said I would like to have them again. My husband just couldn't get past it and had a woman where he works tell me all the work that having goats would be. Now really we live in town and goats are out of the question. I have always said I wanted a milking cow. You do realize some wants really aren't supposed to come true. It is just fun to think of them. But back to the first. Several years ago(before I figured out not to tell my husband what I wanted) there was a movie staring Steve Martin and I think Goldy Hawn(not sure if that is how you spell it) and in that movie was an oes. I told my husband about it . It was Christmas time and guess what I got. Wrong, he got me a min. fox terrier. He was working out of state and so he had to keep her with him until he got back home. By then she had bonded with him, I think she loved me, just in a different way. I was the alpha dog, my husband is the push over . I have never liked small dogs, only Big ones. So, I told my husband if she snapped or bit the grandchildren, I didn't care how much she cost , she would have to go. Now , that little dog was great with the littleones, and great company to me when my husband was out of state and I was home alone. That winter was a big one on snow and I had just put in new carpeting. Little dogs don't like to go outside when it is cold, wet or if there is snow that touches their bellies. Training Cleo was a challenge,( I told my husband that he owed me a lot for that one.) The littleones would carry her like a baby, dress her up , they even put a blonde wig on her. They just treated her like their baby. Well a few weeks ago (as I said before) Cleo , went to heaven. She had congestive heart failure. I couldn't take her to her last trip to the vet. So my dear daughter took her for me. She even took care of resting place for us. What would I do without my family.

Well, I am now all wet with tears, I even cry at the tv when there is a commercial. So glad I don't have to go anywhere today. I will be saving money and will get some thing done around here.

May Heavenly Father bless you. Char-
P.S. I write like I talk so bare with me.


chillywilly said...

thanks for the memories of grandma

momma24 said...

I love hearing about Grandma. Thank you for sharing.