Monday, October 20, 2008

fun, fun , fun!

I forgot to remember that while I was at my oldest daughters home, it rained everyday. Their town has such different shops , I thought that I would hit the main street. Well, by the time I struggled with my cane, and then the umbrella, I was past having patients for that. One nite I sprung out of the chair not knowing why until I woke up more, the rain had gotten worse and it was making a lot of noise on the house. My little house is so protected, that if I hear the storm, I know it is really bad. Sure felt silly, but I was ready to protect the grand kids!

Being with them brought back memories of when they were staying with me. Man, they can keep you young. I really enjoyed going to school to help #3 with her class ring, she needed to have it sized . She designed it herself.

They were up and doing their chores like nothing flat. It all went to fast, with them in school and work , I just wanted to write a note and have them play hookie. But alas, the adult in me
won out. It is a lot of fun seeing them growing up, I am sure proud of them. I think my husband was jealous, he used to go up and be with them when I worked, which was every weekend that he need to be up there . And of course , I was jealous of the time that he spent with them. But it was fun seeing all the fun he had with him. He sees things in such a funny way. What a story teller he is.

With love and great memories. Char

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