Monday, October 20, 2008

soccer mom(sub.)

Wow, I haven't been a soccer mom before. Even though I was a sub. it was just as much fun. My daughter has her 3 oldest in soccer. My daughter asked if we could watch her 4 for four days and of course I was ready that day. And when she ask if we could take them to their soccer games, well do I have to say, of course it was a go. Thank goodness they had their games(all except one) at different times. Boy, did they all play great!!! Her 2nd and 3rd both made goals and really played great, her first didn't make a goal but she almost did and boy did she play great. I can see the difference from last year, they have all gotten a lot better. I packed a lunch and some snacks so between the second and third game, there was time to get to have a picnic(we stayed with the car) Her youngest was going all the time, she put just as much energy as her sisters did. (she f
ell asleep watching tv that evening)

My husband and I kept an eye on the little one, her sisters take turns keeping her playing. On the last game, her 3rd was playing with the youngest. I turned around to see the little one take off, she was headed for the bathrooms. Her older sister called to her and she took off after her, she didn't miss a heart beat. She caught up to her before I could get out of my chair. I was so impressed that she was so responsible. She didn't complain she just knew she had to get her. It is so good to see all of them taking care of each other. Later, when they are teens , I hope they remember that they once stuck together. I'm sure they will. I will have to brag on my husband. He stuck it out and watched all the games, right beside me. He only left the games a few times and then came right back. He had to carry the chairs, the girls helped with the lighter one, and he didn't complain once! He is so funny, he kept wanting the girls to follow the ball, I tried to tell him that they have to stay with the position that the coach gave them. But then I have to admit, I really don't know the rules. They didn't have soccer when my children were young.

I pray your burdens are disguised as blessing . Char

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chillywilly said...

I'm sorry I missed the games and the girls.
Sounds like you had fun