Thursday, October 9, 2008

The week after

Well I'm about a week late on the pictures, my daughter came and helped me again. She is so busy , I really appreciate it!

After we got the pictures on she left and she told me how to put in my notes. Well, I did it and everything went away. I'm still on a roll, this is the third time for this to happen, UG

The good thing is she put the directions on my note book, YAH. So, today I put them back.

Still trying to get my oes. So close and so far away. I still feel that it is a , I want, and I hardly say that I want anything. My life is pretty full of everything I need. So I feel selfish to have an I want. I have prayed on it , and I get excited by what the Lord puts on my heart, then I look at what I need to make the house run and then I feel guilty. I should just go with it, after all my husband just went and bought a moter cycle with out any thought to what the house needed. Then , he went and bought all the things that he thought he needed to make him feel good about riding it. Including a leather jacket(I bought it for him, I'm such a pushover) As he says we will never get the price for the bike , he has put so much things on it.

My oldest daughter almost talked me into a cat. He is such a lover , even though , I not a cat lover. But my husband said he was allergic to cats so that was a bust.

Fall is here I think, I just love the weather, the bad thing is I don't make it outside except to water. I'm going to have to work on it. Maybe the puppy(if I get her) will take me for walks.
I did check on a class to teach her and me how to act. It is called Puppy Kindergarten , how cute is that. I will diffently start from the first , training her to be a good citizen.

I hope you find you greatest blessings in just being yourself. Char

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bec said...

I still can't remember how to do pics either...
You should go for a ride on the bike...really you should!!!! You look great in leather, they have them in pink!!!
I think God wants you to have an OES! So get one!
Thats my three cents worth...
Luv ya!