Thursday, March 25, 2010


This morning as I finished putting on my makeup I noticed that my left eye(the white) looked funny. As I looked closer it looked like I had broken a blood vessel. I watched as it took over the white of my eye from the outside to the inside. Looks kind of bad but doesn't hurt. I hadn't watch my eye(or anything)bleed. I t never ran out of my eye and finally stopped. It didn't change the way I see, so guess it will be ok.

I really need a girls day out, doing nothing but laughing and acting silly. Maybe garage sales...that is always good. My dh is uptight about his job. One guess who gets slammed.

My eye is now feeling like it has something in the outside corner. I guess it is swollen from all the blood. I need to take a picture cause by the time anyone sees it it will be gone.

Scarlet, here I come. I will think about it tomorrow.

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