Monday, March 29, 2010

keeping busy

It is just after 7:00 PM and I want to eat. I did buy spinach and had it with vin. and oil. Boy did it taste good. But I think I could have eaten the whole bunch. I still want steak and salad. I guess I'm going to have to fix it after tues. weigh in. Dh doesn't like steak so I'm on my own.

I need to take fuzzy muffin for a walk but not sure I'm up to that yet. I left her out of her pen while I went to the mail drop. She was laying on the rug by the door when I got back. She didn't want me to leave but she was ok. I'll try it longer next time.

This is the week....I start my garden. Not able to get down and work the dirt but one of my farm books said to plant in the potting soil. Just poke holes in the bottom, put down paper or cardboard, put it on top and cut out the top(laying it down flat) and plant in the potting soil. Then mulch...My dh will do the heavy lifting...I will plant the cool weather veg. and when they are done, I will plant the hot weather plants in the same potting soil. It looked great in the book...hopefully it will work. I showed my dh a picture...he still hasn't gotten it right in his head. I should be funny trying to tell him what I want to do. The neighbors should get a laugh out of it.

Nothing on the tv tonight until 9 and then Castle comes on..sure like it...but it is going of for the summer so tonight is the last new one, I think.

The youngest ones are coming next week. Yah!!!!!!!!! Maybe they will walk and ex. with me.
Sure hope something is on the theatre next week, more fun to take them out for the evening.
Bailey will be in hog heaven! They are so good with her, and she can't get enough of them.
When Eman was here, Bailey got in his room(she sleeps in our room, with a kid gate up) dh forgot to put the gate up so he woke up with her licking his feet. We were surprised to find her in the pen then we figured Eman had taken care of her. He really put up with her...she was on him like flies on honey. She was his buddy for the week. She was so sad when she realized he was gone.

She seems to feel when I need a hug cause she gets up and will love me till she thinks I'm ok. I think she missed being able to be held like a baby so she drapes over my shoulder and the rest of her is on the floor. She gets up on dh but my chair is smaller and she is too big for that.

Hopefully the munchies are over...tomorrow is another day.

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