Thursday, April 1, 2010


When did good common sense go out of style. We are soon going to be voting on putting in a new hospital. I have listened to them and their speach is full of holes. They said we have over 8,000 people in Pratt...we really have about 6. Which would make a big difference in their ability to collect sales tax. They are trying to convence everyone they need a new one when the one we have is ok. We don't have enough people to fill it anyway. They have floors that no one is on...they have built on when they didn't need to, those suites are mostly empty. They add a 1 percent tax..we already have a 7plus tax, that would bring it up to 8 plus. The city comm.want to put in a new road(to put 250,000homes on it and they will give them a break to build there) that would put it at 9 plus, then there is the gov. that want to raise taxes...we could be looking at a 10 percent sales tax. Who can afford to buy here or live here.

When did pay as you go go? Also, if we don't get enough sales tax money to pay for it they will tax our homes. I don't see how they can get away with it.

If I could buy land far away from anyone, I would be self suffent and there would be nothing they could do.

We need to take back America. And we have to start at the root of the problem.

I just had my taxes done...we got to talking and I of course got on my band box and gave him my opinion. He thanked me for giving him another view of things...sure hope he remembers that veiw when he votes.

I can feel the anger that is all over our great country. If they don't start listening it is only going to get worse. Then what?

I can see it coming, the whole country flat broke, no where to go, live, and having to live like my folks did. Of course that wouldn't be so bad...I remember what to do with nothing, and growing what we need to eat. Gosh, I think I'm doing that now. HAHA

I really do need a girls day out.....

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