Saturday, April 10, 2010

A big sigh

Well, Bailey and I are here by ourselves. The house just let out a big sigh. No kids, no fun!

I'm not sure about the girls but this week was flat out fun! It is so nice to have grandchildren come to visit. I'm never ready to have them go home but so glad that my children share with me.

Bailey is in depression and just looking at her I'm getting there too.

Sure enjoy the laughter, noise, running , jumping ect. I took their pictures by out peach tree, the flowers on it this year is unbelievable. Someone else said that their tree blooms are better this year. Sure hope that mean that we will have some peaches this year.

Planted some garden and the radishes are already coming up. Can't wait to plant the rest. I plan to plant watermelon, canalop. and anything I can get to grow. I think this year might be a good year for a garden.

My dh will be here soon. He did the soccor watching today. He walked a lot. I told him it was good for him and he said it wasn't either cause his back hurt and I'm sure his legs will be hurting tomorrow. He is supposed to walk 30 min. a day. I can't talk him into getting past the hurt, and doing more. The days will get warmer and maybe Bailey and I can get him to walk with us.

This week will very quiet for me. UG. I really need to do some spring cleaning and I wish I could take out everything and start from the beginning. It is so hard to clean when you have a small house and lots of things in it. I can remember my mom would clean out drawers and do spring and fall cleaning. I would come home and there would be a big pile of stuff that she would carry out. Maybe I can get motivated to do some of it. Or not. This winter seems to have had more dust than I remember last year. Not sure why but I don't like it.

My dh uncovered the air conditioner, I told him we couldn't turn it on till June. Wonder if that will happen?

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