Friday, April 2, 2010

just like a kid

Yesterday Bailey wanted to go outside, so away we went. I let her loose to do her job, she went around the yard then came back to me. She sat by me and looked up to get some loving so of course I loved on her. I said Bailey didn't you have to potty? She got up like she was ready to go in, I grabed the leash and she went the other way. She walked me around her favorite spots. First to the fence to check on the neighbor kids just in case they were there, they weren't. So she took me around the swings, then the took of and did her job.

I guess she just wanted to share with me her favorite spots.
She made me feel very special. I know it sounds strange but she acted just like a child would when they want to show you something special.

She is so loving, and seems to know when I need a hug.

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