Monday, June 21, 2010

the day after

After church we had a pot luck dinner. We had fathers, grandfathers, and not yet fathers. Usually the women and children go first, but on fathers day they went first. It is so funny to see them go would have thought they had won something wonderful. The young men and little boys also went with the fathers. Again their little faces were just glowing.

The men of the church help teach the young men and boys to be respectful and let the women and girls eat first. They wait their turn and learn a good lesson . But they were in hog heaven yesterday. You wouldn't think that they would get such a joy by going first but they knew the joy of eating first if only for one day.

It is hurts just by being in the sun just for a few minutes. My poor plants are taking a beating, I just can't keep enough cool water on them. No rain in sight. I have to get out to do some running around..I am putting it off as long as I can!

May have the girls down this week. Yah, can't wait. What a joy they are! And so much fun to be around. They can't get here quick enough.

The 4th is coming...Cooler temps. would be appreciated but if not the house will be cooler till the sun goes down.

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