Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here comes friday

I'm trying to get ready for the 4th. The problem is if I do it to soon, I will have to do it all again. The heat is kicking me!!!!!!! So I have to reserve my strength. Inch by inch it will get done. I really just relax and enjoy the 4th without too much work on those days. Good idea, hope I can pull it off.

I am helping with the blood drive, our church is the one to provide the food and serve it. I said I would make some of the potato salad. Man, I haven't made that much potato salad in years. Hope I can remember how to do it. We are serving sloppy Joe's also, and cookies(homemade) the last time I gave blood we got OJ and a cookie. Maybe we can get a crowd in with the smell of food.

My garden it doing great!!!!!!! I love to see all the babies growing. The melons are going crazy...I saw in a mag. that when they get so big they hung a pantie hose so it held the melon without it being on the ground. I'm going to try looks funny but if I can get the melons without them getting yucky on the ground it will be worth it.

Bailey loves to be close to me while I work...if I'm in a hurry it really bugs me. When I iron she is just right under my feet, not sure if she thinks she is protecting me from that hot iron. The other day I was working in the kitchen and had an idea to put in some music. I put in Rascal Flatts and probably had it to loud , but I was singing and really getting down. Then I noticed , no Bailey, she was in the living room looking down. Wow, if I had know she didn't like my music , I would have put in in sooner.

Cooler today, hope it stays for a while. I keep checking on the always rains on the 4th and with the long dry spell, who knows what will happen.

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