Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it just Wednesday?

I get to go shopping with my dd. That doesn't happen very often, Yah!

Bailey is scared of the sprinkler. She has never seen one, which tells you how often I water the grass. She would just stop and not know which direction to go to get away from it. Then she would bark at it. So funny, but she didn't like it when I laughed at her. Guess I wouldn't like it if I caught her laughing at me either.

The count down is on. Why does time go by so slow when you want to do something fun and fast when you don't want to do something. A puzzle of life , I guess.

It seems like forever since I have seen all my children and grandchildren. Even when they live close , time just gets away from us. I guess it makes the time together more special. I try not to bug them(but really everyday would be fine with me).

I have a plan for the talent show, if I have the nerve to do it. Sometimes my good ideas don't pan out. Sure is fun to watch though!

We have been working with Bailey to not go crazy when someone comes to the door. Well we have changed our training. Dh empty a small can of candy and I had the thought to fill it with rocks and shake it when she does something wrong. We shook it, she really doesn't like it but we haven't tried it at the door. Wish us luck.

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