Wednesday, June 9, 2010

get it done

After much thinking , I realize that I think too much. I got up today and looked at what needed to be done, and the first thing that I thought was, "how do you eat an elephant?" "One bite at a time."
Now my house isn't an elephant but you have to start some bite by bite I will get things done.
My squash was looking so wilted yesterday I thought it was a goner. But this morning when I went out, there they were, standing up straight with their large leaves turned up like they were praiseing God for the rain and cool weather. What a sight to see.
Now, it has stopped raining and is hot. Guess what ,they are wilted again...hope they hang in there till I get some veg. from them.

Haven't seen my son since he had his radiation. He was sure looking so pale and ashen. I don't think I looked like that when I went through all the things you do so you can live a long healthy life. I wish the VA would treat their vet.s with more care. It is a shame that in the U.S. we can't give our young men and women who have served our country the same measure of care that the general population gets. Why doesn't our government do something. They can give to other countries and run up the debt but they can't take care of our vet.s.

Well of to water the front flowers...the only good thing is I get just as wet as the flowers do, and it is hot out so it should feel good!

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